WHM Superb! FAQs

What are the requirements to run WHM Superb

1. You must have root access to your server to install running CENTOS 6 or 7 - 64-bit or drop in replacement operating system
2. You must have the latest stable release of WHM/cPanel installed and Paper Lantern as your default skin is preferred.
3. Ioncube loader is required to execute our scripts. Please read below to easily enable it via WHM.

I'm confused, what's the difference between WHM Superb!, WHM Superb DNSONLYMAIL and WHM Superb DNSONLYNGINX?!?!

Sorry for making you confused. We actually tried to make it as simple as possible. When you purchase WHM Superb, you automatically get 3 licenses.
- One license is for your current cPanel server which you need to install WHM Superb (the full version).
- The other is if you decide to enable the Secondary Mail Store and Forward feature which turns ANOTHER server into a secondary mail server. This next server must have cPanel DNS ONLY already installed on it - this cPanel DNS ONLY is offered free of charge from cPanel. You need to install our WHM Superb DNSONLYMAIL version on this server in order to set up the secondary mail server.
- The third is if you want to install a reverse http proxy on a separate server (and perhaps DDOS protected) so that you can use this third server as your frontend server which hides your primary cpanel server.


Our product is encoded using ioncube. This requires you to enable ioncube in cPanel in order to use our product. To do so, please log into WHM. Under 'Server Configuration', go to 'Tweak Settings'. Click on PHP tab. Go to 'cPanel PHP loader' and make sure ioncube is selected. Make sure to click 'Save'. That will ensure that ioncube is enabled.

Why is this product encoded?!

Why not make it open source?! Yes, we know the benefits of open source and we are actually contributors towards open source products. However, we work extremely hard with limited resources to bring you a quality product that we believe will be useful to you. Encoding allows us to keep our work to ourselves since we know that there are many null scripters out there that illegally nullify scripts such as ours. With that being said, we've dramatically decreased the price of our script so that you can easily afford a quality product and also allows us to keep maintaining and adding new features on a regular basis - therefore you benefit fully from this strategy. If we could offer it for free and still do what we did, we would have, but can't. Please don't decompile / nullify our scripts or there may be no more of this useful script in the future for you to use.

I installed a fresh install but it says my license is invalid!

Yes, we've seen this happen and can only guess that its a cpanel bug. Technically speaking. Alright, so here's what you need to do. Just make sure you get to WHM and make sure you've gone through the WHM setup properly. After you do that, come back to WHM Superb click [ REFRESH ] to reload licensing information. You must be connected to the internet.

How often does Shoutcast Server bandwidth used quota update

We've set the Shoutcast Server bandwidth used quota updates every hour. However, if you want to see the bandwidth live, you can connect to the Shoutcast Server URL, log in as admin and it will show you the bandwidth live (since the radio station has been up).

How often does Shoutcast Server bandwidth reset

Shoutcast server bandwidth is reset every first day of the month in the morning. Administrators can reset the bandwidth at any time using the WHM Superb control panel within WHM


You must have a valid license after the free 14 day trial period has ended to continue to use our product. If your license expires, many of the functions will be suspended. It's your responsibility to ensure that you renew on time. We've made it easy to monitor the licensing by showing you the number of days remaining on the main page of our WHM Superb product.

Virus Detection

We're designed WHM Superb! to utilize php exec and system functions to make the necessary changes required to your server configuration. Sometimes, antivirus software can detect these functions as malware. It is unfortunately, a false positive. There are absolutely no viruses in our products, just make sure you download it directly from our servers